Clerk of the Year

It is my pleasure as Ways and Means Director to introduce to you
"The 2018 Clerk of the Year Candidates"

The MAMC’s Clerk of the Year program is designed to honor municipal clerks who demonstrate the professional and personal qualities representing the best of our profession. Nominations are received from City and Village Managers, Township Supervisors, Mayors, Board Presidents, fellow Clerks and other municipal officials.

Nominating Committees comprised of previous Clerk of the Year award winners review the nominations and select candidates based on: 

  • Years of experience as a municipal clerk; 
  • Demonstrated greater-than-average performance in the position; 
  • Active in county, state and national associations; 
  • Demonstrated interest in improving their professional and personal skills, and in the advancement of the profession; 
  • A record of contributing to the improvement of their community and the respect of community leaders.

The ballot for Clerk of the Year will be sent electronically through SurveyMonkey to all active members.  The voting deadline is May 11, 2018 by 5pm sharp!

Please contact Pam Smith, Ways and Means Director for any additional questions via email or by phone; 248.871.2420.

City Candidates

Jacqueline Beaudry - City of Ann Arbor

Jackie Beaudry has over 18 years’ experience in local government. She has served as Deputy Clerk in Superior Township, Management Assistant to the Ann Arbor Police and Fire Departments, City Clerk for the City of Inkster, and now serves as the City Clerk Services Manager in the City of Ann Arbor since 2005. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and holds MMC, CMC and CMMC certifications.

While currently serving as the City Clerk Services Manager for the City of Ann Arbor, she has several impressive accomplishments including becoming a Department Head and a member of the City’s Executive Team reporting directly to the City Administrator in a community of 114,000 residents. In addition to serving as City Clerk, she serves as the Chief Elections Officer overseeing all aspects of city elections with 53 precincts, recruitment and training of 400 election inspectors and testing of voting equipment. Jackie has worked with a local committee on disability concerns and partnered with the district library to promote accessible voting in Ann Arbor and was a featured presenter at the 2011 League of Women Voters Ann Arbor Redistricting Seminar. She also represented the United States as an International Election Observer on a mission to Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan and Albania. 

Jackie continues to demonstrate her commitment to the Clerk profession by remaining active in County, State and National Associations including the Washtenaw County Municipal and Township Clerks Association, IIMC and MAMC and serving on the MAMC Legislative and Education Committees. She strives to improve her skills and the advancement of the profession while contributing to her community.

Steve French - City of Hillsdale

Steve French has only served as the Clerk of Hillsdale since 2016 but prior to that served as Clerk or Deputy Clerk in various municipalities since 1996 including the City of Moraine, Ohio from 2008-2013. He was nominated by his former Mayor who indicated that Mr. French already had many accomplishments in Hillsdale including cleaning up voter file records, recommending a move of municipal elections to even year that saved the city thousands of tax payer dollars, serving as recording secretary to the Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities (a City-owned utility) and assisting that organization with software upgrades. He also stated that Mr. French remains committed to the MAMC and IIMC organizations, while still providing outstanding service to the City of Hillsdale.

Steve’s commitment is proven by way of his extensive service to both organizations that includes serving as a past board member and serving on various committees in both organizations as well as speaker or presenter at conferences and as an IIMC Athenian Dialogue Facilitator just to name a few.

Throughout his years serving as a Clerk, Steve has been a key player in computerization of paper records, implementing new accounting software, electronic City Commission packets, new voting systems, electronic records management and most recently in Hillsdale led the effort to implement a new website.

While serving as Clerk in Ohio, he obtained his Certified Records Manager (CRM) certification and Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) designation, all while finishing his Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Dayton.

Steve speaks at various high schools, universities and civic organizations about the responsibility of the City Clerk, importance of local elections, historical records retention and community service.

Sherikia Hawkins - City of Southfield

Sherikia Hawkins, CMC, has served as City Clerk for the City of Southfield since her election in November 2017, prior to that Sherikia served in the City Clerk’s Office for the City of Pontiac as a graduate intern in the summers of 2004 and 2005, then Deputy City Clerk and until her appointment as City Clerk in 2011. She was nominated by a fellow Clerk as well as one of her current Council Members, both of whom describe her as a true public servant and praise her for her innovative ideas and “thinking outside the box”.

Sherikia has been a member of the Oakland County Clerks Association since 2011, and is currently a board member. She is also a member of the MAMC and IIMC and has earned her Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) Certification. Sherikia serves as an adjunct faculty member for Oakland Community College where she teaches political science and encourages young men and women to be active citizens in their community and to consider a career in public service.

Sherikia is credited for serving as a key contributor for the turn-a-round in the City of Pontiac and bringing the city back. Sherikia indicates one of her proudest accomplishments as City Clerk is implementing the college internship program in her office. She has hired and mentored over a dozen interns since 2012, introducing them to city government, including the Office of the City Clerk.

Sherikia holds a Master in Political Science and Public Policy/Policy Administration and a Bachelor in Communications. She has been recognized as a 2017 Michigan Chronicle 40 under 40 and the 2017 Oakland County Executive’s Elite 40 under 40.

Holly Thompson - City of Williamston

Holly Thompson has served in the City Clerk’s Office for the City of Williamston since 2000, serving as Deputy City Clerk from July 2000 until May 2009 when she was appointed City Clerk. She has earned both her Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) Certification and Certified Michigan Municipal Clerk (CMMC) Certification and was nominated by her Mayor, Tammy Gilroy, who stated that “. . . Holly is a consummate professional and leader to her peers . . . she puts 100% effort into getting me what I need”.

Holly also serves as the Downtown Development Authority Director for Williamston, has served 
as President of the Williamston Area Chamber of Commerce and as Director for the Williamston ArtFest. Since 2011, Holly has served in various capacities for the Capital Association of Municipal Clerks, including time as President; she has served on the MAMC Board of Directors since January 2015, and has been a member of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks since 2000.

Holly describes some of her accomplishments in the position of Clerk as implementing new voting technology, a digital filing system, creating a social media policy and emergency procedures and finding efficient ways to connect with the boards and community. She also serves as the unofficial photographer for the City. Holly attended high school in Leslie, Michigan and has taken various professional development courses. She has a passion for our four-legged friends, spearheading a project in Ingham County that has built 20 dog houses for distribution throughout the community and has earned 3 humanitarian awards from the Ingham County Animal Shelter.

And in her spare time is known to bake a pretty mean cupcake!

Township Candidates

Ann Bollin - Charter Township of Brighton

Township Supervisor Patrick Michel nominated Ann Bollin for Township Clerk of the Year. Patrick writes that, “It is with great pride and pleasure that I nominate for MAMC Clerk of the Year our Clerk from the Charter Township of Brighton, Ms. Ann Bollin. We can’t say enough good about her.”

Ann has been the Clerk since 2003 and served on the Planning Commission for nearly 10 years, six as chair, before taking office. While in office, she developed record retention strategies for more efficient record retrieval, conducted follow-up analysis on time study to develop short and long-term staffing needs and developed strategic plans for Clerk and Elections departments.

Ann has encouraged and supports continuing education for all department staff to pursue applicable certifications. She has earned her CMC and CMMC and is currently working towards the completion of her MMC. She is an active member of the Livingston County Clerk’s Association as the current Treasurer and as past President. She often serves as mentor to new clerks and spearheading committees to advocate for clerks.

Ann participates in voter registration drives and election education in local schools and currently serves on several Boards including the Chamber of Commerce, MTA Livingston Chapter and Livingston Community Water Authority as Secretary/Treasurer, utilizing her expertise as a record keeper and providing accounting checks and balances.

Ann is on the MAMC CEO and Legislative committees. She serves on the MTA Board of Directors and attended Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Senior Executives in State and Local Government program as a Taubman fellow.

Ms. Bollin writes, “I love sharing my experience and knowledge yet there is always more to learn. It is one
of the great things about being a Clerk!"

Kathy Case - Pennfield Charter Township

Pennfield Charter Township Supervisor, Dave Morgan, nominated Township Clerk Kathy Case as a 2017 COTY nominee. Kathy states “A friend and co-worker once told me that ‘The person makes the job.’ When taking on the responsibilities of the local clerk position I found that while you have the statutory requirements of the position it becomes quite clear that other functions can easily be taken on to improve the overall function of the Township operations…. The first four year term was a learning experience and that along with taking the time to work with other elected officials who had served several terms was very beneficial and prepared me to assist with addressing issues facing the Township.”

Kathy was elected in 2008 and going on her 12th year as Clerk. She is a member of the Calhoun County Clerks Association serving as Vice President, a member of the MAMC and currently in her 2nd year of the Clerks Institute as well as a member of the IIMC and the MTA.

During her time as Clerk, Kathy has modernized the Clerk’s office with new updated equipment, modernized the election process, moved their precinct to a larger, more modern facility, obtained a cemetery for which she established and ordinance and rules and now serves as the Cemetery Administrator which has included computerization of all cemetery records into BS&A. In that capacity she computerized the cemetery records into BS&A, organized Flag Day and implemented a landscaping project at the cemetery. Kathy assisted in updating the Township office through remodel projects and organization and was instrumental in getting a road improvement program in place.

Not only is Kathy dedicated to being Clerk, she is also an active volunteer in her community. She has volunteered as Team Mom for her sons’ sports teams, Boy Scout leader, the Stuff the Bus campaign for the local Food Bank and the Fill the Boot campaign for local firefighters. She has worked with the Pennfield High School task force for a new High School and Chaired the Pennfield Ultimate Party for High School Seniors Graduation Party.

Kathy feels strongly about treating every resident, co-worker and Board Member with “respect and in the upmost professional manner.” She establishes relationships with other Clerks and lends a hand if they are in need. She continues to educate herself to gain more knowledge to benefit herself and her Township. She states “So, as I have grown and invested myself in my Township, I have found it easy to encourage the same with Township residents.”

Terry Lilley - Charter Township of White Lake

“I believe in the terms ‘Us’ and ‘We’ and I’m a firm believer that there is no ‘I’ in team. Without the help and input from many people, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the real goals and objectives to enjoy piece of mind,” says Clerk of the Year Nominee Terry Lilley. “I have been rewarded many times over, to have enjoyed the many friendships both as Township Clerk and as residential builder. These are the basic reasons I have been able to accomplish a majority of my work efficiently, and effectively.” Terry was nominated by White Lake Deputy Clerk, Cathy Derocher, who would like people to know that beyond his 12th year as Township Clerk, 20 years as White Lake Board of Trustees member, previous Township Supervisor and Trustee positions, and previous on-call Firefighter and Lieutenant Fire Fighter roles, Terry leads by example with his hands-on contributions to the community and has earned the respect of many community leaders throughout his years of service.

When Terry was elected as Township Clerk in 2008 he immediately enrolled in the MAMC classes, obtained his CMC in 2011 and is currently working on his MMC certification. He has also earned the Michigan Township Governance Academy Credential, was a member of the OCCA Legislative Committee, and served as President of the Oakland County Chapter of the Michigan Township Association. He has held his residential builders license for over 30 years, has been a Notary Public for 8 years, and a Member of the White Lake Historical Society for 6 years.

During his role as Supervisor (1992-1996) he started the conversations to discuss future needs of the Township facilities and the Township was able to purchase 27 acres in 2017 with the next phase to plan the new Township facilities in a campus setting with all of the township facilities in one area, which he expressed, “will be exciting”! As Supervisor he also helped sign a joint agreement with the neighboring Commerce Township to extend sewer into the township, which has led to growth opportunities for White Lake Township over the years.

As Clerk, Terry has taken White Lake Township into the digital age by advocating for and implementing document imaging of the Township records. He also initiated the restoration of the Township cemeteries that included a Veterans Memorial and worked alongside the Parks and Recreation Committee spearheading the development of a new baseball park. Terry also served as a Board Liaison to the Senior Advisory Committee where he supported the needs of the Townships senior population.

When asked about his performance as Clerk, Terry states, “I like to believe and hope others would to, that I am an ordinary, approachable individual.” He is quick to give recognition to those around him who have supported him along his way - his wife of 52 years, 5 children, 10 grandchildren, friends, and his family in the clerk profession. “They are the reason, if given the opportunity, that I would graciously accept such an exceptional award.”

Kim Meltzer - Charter Township of Clinton

In recognition of her outstanding performance and dedication, Kim Meltzer was nominated for Township Clerk of the Year by Supervisor Robert Cannon of the Charter Township of Clinton. Kim was elected Clerk to the Charter Township of Clinton in 2012 and serves over 100,000 residents. Prior to being elected Clerk she served on the Township Board of Trustees and as State Representative of the 33rd District.

Re-elected in 2016, Kim continues to revolutionize the Clerk’s office. This included implementation of a paperless electronic content management system, making government accountable, transparent and easier for residents to interface with her office.

Her focus on using innovation to serve residents is also seen in the area of developing an online appointment process which schedules late night passport applications. Her office continues to function with a reduced staff while providing stellar customer service, capitalizing on grant opportunities and cost saving efforts.

During the economic down recession in 2008 and 2009 she connected residents with professional resume writers, heads of State and Michigan Works Departments and was recognized by the Michigan Business and Professional Association with an award for Outstanding Achievement in Business Redevelopment.

Kim is member of many professional organizations including: MAMC, IIMC, Michigan Association of Public Employee Retirement System, MTA, Macomb Chamber of Commerce and the Sterling Heights Chamber of Commerce. She holds leadership positions in the Macomb County Clerk’s Association as the Vice President, serves as Vice Chairperson of the Clinton Township Police and Fire Pension Board, Secretary of the Clinton Township Good fellows and serves on the MAMC Legislative Committee.

Kim is a committed member to many organizations serving the members of her community, with emphasis on supporting and mentoring the young people of Macomb Township. She has been a Sunday School teacher for Redeemer Missionary Church and is active with Turning Point, a safe haven for abused women and children, Habitat for Humanity, Clinton Township Optimist Club, and raised $10,000 in donations to revive the Clintondale High School’s Robotics Team.

Jennifer Venema - Charter Township of Caledonia

Township Supervisor Bryan Harrison nominated Jennifer Venema for Township Clerk of the Year. Bryan writes that, “It is an honor to put her name forward for this recognition. Ms. Venema has served our community with professionalism and respect for citizens and her fellow board members while taking on duties above and beyond her statutory obligations.”

Jennifer has been the clerk for the Charter Township of Caledonia since February 2006. During this time her role as Clerk has evolved from, part time, being responsible for elections, maintaining the General Ledger including accounts payable and payroll, as well as overseeing 5 township cemeteries. Since 2008 when the office became full time, she took on the added responsibilities of Human Resources handling policy and procedure development, health benefits and retirement benefits; Information Technology Coordinator and Township Webmaster. She is the Facilities Management Coordinator managing all the properties, from overseeing the needed repairs to drafting RFP’s for various contracts. She is the point of contact for all tax abatements and serves as the FOIA Coordinator. 

Jennifer has earned her CMC and CMMC. She is a member of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks where she currently serves as 2nd Vice-President, chairs the Legislative Committee and is a voting member of the MAMC/MAC CEO committee, the West Michigan Regional Clerks Association and the Kent County Clerks Association. In addition, she is serving her fifth year as a commissioner of the Kent County Fire Commission, currently holding the seat of Chair.

Jennifer was elected in 2017 to represent the counties of Ionia, Barry, Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon, Newaygo,
Montcalm and Mecosta as the Zone 5 Michigan Township Participating Plan Director. Jennifer represents her Township at local events hosted by the Caledonia Kiwanis and Chamber of Commerce as well as the Caledonia Women’s Club. She served on the Township’s Independence Committee for four years helping to organize the annual festivities and fireworks. 

Jennifer, along with her husband Doug, volunteer at and are sponsors of the annual local chili cook-off to raise money for Spectrum Health Hospice, an organization near and dear to both of their hearts.

Ms. Venema writes, “I consider it an honor and a blessing to serve my community as their Clerk. I have a plaque in my office that I read every day. The last line of the poem on that plaque reads, “It is my town and it is entitled to the best there is in me.” I approach every day as Clerk with that in mind. I am here to serve my community and to give them the best I have. I work hard to continue to better myself through education and service so that I can better serve my community.” 

Village Candidates

Barbara Butch – Village of Ubly

Barbara Butch was nominated by the Village of Ubly Treasurer, Kelly Pearce. Barbara has worn many hats at the Village of Ubly during the past eight years; including Water Administrator, Village Council Trustee and has held the title of Village Clerk for over 2 years.

Barb has done a complete overhaul of the Village office including keeping the village up to date electronically and ensuring proper records retention and updating the filing system. In addition to her regular duties, Barb creates a quarterly Village Newsletter, works on grant projects, the Zoning and Planning Commission and worked on creating a walking route in the community. She also works very closely with the DPW and Water Department to ensure continuity.

Barb is an active member of the MAMC, the Village representative for the MML and a notary public. Classes she has taken to improve her skills and advance her profession include the Michigan Model of Leadership, MDO and ADARS. She also runs the library for the Village of Ubly and along with her husband established a “share a book” program throughout the Village to share books to read with the entire community. Barb also participates in a group that knits hats, gloves and mittens that are hung on the library fence in plastic bags so no one in the community goes without.

She works to make people aware of the different roles of a Clerk and stated that she “Came into the position with the attitude of being here for the residents and encouraging residents to come together and make our Village a great place to live”.

Amy Salowitz – Village of Pinckney

Amy Salowitz started her municipal career as an appointed Village Clerk in November 2008. Village Council President Linda Lavey nominated Amy and states, "I want to express my highest respect for all who undertake the tough and usually thankless job of Municipal Clerk, especially on the Village level”. She stated that Amy provided the consistency and reliability that was much needed on the local level and “is the epitome of going above and beyond”.

Amy participates in different associations including the Livingston County Clerks Association, Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks and the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. Amy is also active in several community organizations and was recruited by the Superintendent of Pinckney Community Schools to participate in a mentoring program called “Reaching Higher”, which assigns her to mentor selected middle school students over the course of the school year. She was also honored by the local Chamber of Commerce this year with the Distinguished Citizen of the Year award.

Amy continues to perform all of her statutory duties along with the ever growing list of responsibilities while serving as Clerk, she serves as the “Office Lead” while the Village of Pinckney currently does not have a Village Manager. Amy has also filled in as the Zoning Administrator while that person was on a leave and served as Accountant.

When Amy was asked her specific accomplishments in the position of Clerk, she realized that it was a pretty good list, including: bringing the Wreaths Across America Program to Pinckney honoring local veterans, Redevelopment Ready Certification for the Village, development of an office operation procedures manual, Active Shooter Training and developing a plan for office procedures and renovations related to that, digitized documents and working to build better internal department relationships for the Village and externally between the adjacent townships, schools, business/property owners, residents and chamber of commerce.

Amy was humbled by the nomination from the Village Council President stating that her support of Amy’s efforts means more than she can say. 

Pam Smith, CMMC/CMC

MAMC Director,
Ways & Means Chair,
Clerk of the Year Committee

Past Clerk of the Year Winners


City: Benjamin Marentette, City of Traverse City
Township: Leon Wright, Van Buren Charter Township 
Village: Elizabeth (Beth) Grohman, Village of Lexington


City:  Tina Barton, City of Rochester Hills
Township: Susanne Courtade, East Bay Charter Township 
Village: Tina Sauve, Village of Metamora


City:  Dana Muscott, City of Bay City
Township: Chelsea Mikel, Sharon Township
Village: Kathryn Arledge, Village of Fowlerville


City:  Pamela B. Smith, City of Farmington Hills
Township: Teresa L. Onica, Atlas Township
Village: Katie M. Cotey, Village of Parma


City:  Heidi Isakson, City of Wyoming
Township: Robert Crawford, Fort Gratiot Township and Barbara Pallotta, Independence Township


City:  Dianne Hill, City of Saline
Township: Janet Roncelli, Bloomfield Township
Village:  Eileen Pulker, Franklin Village


City: Chris Swope, City of Lansing
: Carolyn Boersma, Spring Lake Township
: Arlene Nichols, Village of Lake Orion


City: Todd Blake, City of Fremont
: Joel Hondorp, Byron Township
: Sheri Kesterke, Village of Barrien Springs


City: Mary Kotowski, City of St. Clair Shores
: Terry Bennett, Canton Township
: Dianne Mensinger, Village of Baroda


City: Nancy M. Weiss, City of Birmingham
: Sue A. Hillebrand, Northville Township


City: Mary Therese Hegarty, City of Grand Rapids
: Evan Hope, Delhi Township
: Lonna M. Fisher, Village of Elkton


City: Linda Shannon, City of Auburn Hills
: Ann Ulrich, Hartland Township
: Ann Collins, Village of Milford


City: Debbra Curtiss, Traverse City
: Janet Santos, Bangor Charter Township
: Ellen Marshall, Village of Beverly Hills


City: Beverly Jasinski, City of Rochester Hills
: Terri Kowal, Shelby Charter Township
: Betty Kennedy, Village of North Branch


City: Tonni Bartholomew, City of Troy
: Sandra Abrams, Commerce Charter Township
: Marsha Powers, Village of Holly


City: Robert Slone, City of Ypsilanti
: Colleen Schwartz, Milford Charter Township


City: Maryanne Cornelius, City of Novi
: Janet Helsley, St. Joseph Charter Township


City: Sandy Gadd, City of Oak Park
: Arlene Hill, Chocolay Township


City: Blinda Baker, City of East Tawas
: Carol Wells, Lowell Charter Township


City: Gail Kundinger, City of Muskegon
: Joan McCrary, Independence Township


City: Sharon Streelman, City of Grandville
: Gloria Maichele, Emmet Township


City: Richard Saathoff, City of Grand Blanc
: Estella Beardslee, Spring Arbor Township


City: Kathryn Dornan, City of Farmington Hills
: Becky Dinson, Manistee Township


City: Karen Mazo, City of Woodhaven
: Sharon Tischler, Southfield Township


City: Nancy Miller, City of Rochester
: Edmund Good, Brookfield Township


City: Beverly Bacon, City of Kentwood
: Ila Burris, Lapeer Township


City: Lois Johnson, City of Portage
: Beverly Hammerstrom, Bedford Township


City: Connie Deford, City of Bay City
: Susan Morrow, Plainfield Charter Township


City: Sandra Wright, City of Grand Rapids
: Virginia White, Meridian Charter Township


City: Robert McLachlan, City of Dearborn Heights
: Marvin Besteman, Kinross Township


City: Mary Zander, City of Sterling Heights
: Rose Legg, Brownstown Charter Township


City: Donald Schipper, City of Holland
: Charles Keller, Cato Township