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Sarah Bydalek
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09/20/2017 12:14 PM
    Dear Fellow Clerks:

    Voting is now open for the next Michigan Region V Director of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC). I would be humbled and honored to receive your vote and be elected by you to this position. My dedication to this seat has been proven while serving as the Immediate Past President of the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks (MAMC), as well as holding active membership with IIMC since November 2007. This prior experience has given me the history and knowledge needed to represent you. I am passionate about the clerking profession and all it stands for and would represent all of Region V, including: Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee to the best of my ability, making the needs of Region V stand-out, be of importance, and make their relevance heard in all IIMC Board discussions and decisions. I would be proud to make your voice heard!

    IIMC is a great organization and the decisions of the IIMC Board trickle-down to each state, and we abide by the organization’s rules and regulations that establish the criteria for state Institutes, conferences, educational development, and training programs to earn certifications such as IIMC’s CMC and MMC, as well as MAMC’s CMMC.
    I intend to protect the forefather’s decisions of years past, while contributing new and fresh ideas to guide our future. I do not take this position lightly as it requires an enormous time commitment and work to provide effective leadership, and I am willing to take on this challenge and represent every one of you to the fullest.

    Some of my credentials include:

    • Member of IIMC since November 2007 when elected as Walker City Clerk.
    • Received CMC status in June 2010; MMC status in January 2017.
    • Attended 5 IIMC Conferences, 3 Region V Conferences, 10 state conferences, as well as numerous other educational opportunities through various organizations.
    • Responsible for planning the 2017 Region V Conference in March 2017 held in Grand Rapids, MI.
    • Served as past MAMC Board Member for 7 years, and continue as Immediate Past President.
    • Served as President and Secretary of the Kent County Clerks Association and remain a current member.
    • Served on several State committees for the Bureau of Elections.

    Being elected to this position is the next sequential step to continue to serve my fellow clerks after completing my work with prior associations and I look forward to representing Michigan as your region V Director. I am dedicated to working for you and am willing and able to give you my Best Work!

    Cast your vote for me, Sarah Bydalek, your most qualified candidate. I will serve you well as your International Institute of Municipal Clerk’s Region V Director.

    Deadline to cast your electronic vote is Friday, September 22, 2017.
    Every member of MAMC has the right to cast a vote, please be sure to check your spam or junk mail, in case you did not receive the email in your in box.

    With respect,
    Sarah Bydalek, CMMC/MMC

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