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Jeremy Howard
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New Member

10/23/2017 01:23 PM
    Please see the updated Standing Rules as developed by the MAMC Board of Directors.




    The forum/website/social media for MAMC is established to facilitate and encourage the free flow of information necessary to maintain an informed and engaged membership of the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks. The forum/website/social media is governed by the Code of Conduct listed below.

    Code of Conduct: The following conditions set forth the manner in which members are authorized to access and use the forum/website/social media created by the MAMC:

    Term of Use:

    1. Use for commercial purposes or personal business, or use outside of the professional title or employment position held in the community for which you represent or gain, is prohibited.
    2. Use in connection with election campaigns, contests, chain mail, junk email or “spam” is prohibited.
    3. When posting, be respectful, professional, and courteous. Defamatory, abusive, discriminatory, intimidating, profane and/or offensive language is prohibited.
    4. The use to falsely impersonate an individual, group, organization or entity is prohibited.
    5. Users of the forum must determine whether it is necessary to post an answer to the entire list, or respond to the list member asking the information. In most cases, it is the responsibility of this person to compile the information and forward it to the person who additionally seeks the information requested. When in doubt, reply only to the sender and NOT TO ALL. If you seek the same information as the member posting the question, reply to the seeker and not to ALL.
    6. The MAMC does not support or reference the information on the forum or social media as accurate.
    7. All information shared must comply with all federal and State of Michigan statutes.
    8. This policy may be modified without notice when it is deemed necessary and reasonable.

    All members who are using the MAMC forum/website/social media are expected to comply with the policy as outlined in the Standing Rule and the MAMC Ethics Policy. If there is a conflict between the policy and the use, the policy shall prevail.

    The use of the forum/website/social media is a privilege of membership and not a right. Any member of the Executive Board of the MAMC may remove a user’s post or access to the forum/website/social media with or without notice if such were deemed to be a violation of the user’s policy, or is deemed detrimental to the mission or reputation of the MAMC.

    Amended: October 18, 2017


    You are not authorized to post a reply.