To promote Michigan Municipal Clerks Institute participation by those seeking professional knowledge and growth, MAMC offers an annual scholarship.


Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) has enhanced job performance, and the Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) program is an advanced continuing education program preparing participants to perform complex municipal duties.

Become a Clerk

Learn how to get involved in your local community as a municipal clerk.

Most Clerks assemble Council agendas, prepare and preserve the corporate records in the form of council minutes, bylaws or ordinances, agreements and other legal documents. Some keep records on births, deaths and marriages. Most witness oaths and affidavits and certify documents. Some have financial responsibilities. Some manage their municipalities utility systems. Some issue business licenses, dog licenses, and take charge of bylaw or ordinance enforcement and public information, public relations, government protocol, advertising and create and maintain Internet web sites. Some have responsibilities for emergency preparedness and disaster planning. Many conduct municipal elections, prepare legal notices, provide policy and procedure advice, manage access to information and arrange and record public hearings or manage their municipalities archives and record centers.

The Clerk is accountable for the legislative procedures, while other players must comply with democratic procedural requirements; Clerks maintain open and fair processes for citizen access to information and the public records.