The Legislative Committee is made up representatives from the Clerk profession throughout Michigan. The purpose of this committee is to monitor all pending or proposed legislation that pertains to the responsibilities or functions of the municipal clerk by attending the meetings of the Council of Election Officials, and talking with other State legislative committees and subcommittees. Members of this committee shall be considered active members of the CEO, and some shall be voting members of the CEO. This committee shall also take an active role in initiating changes or additions in legislation that would enhance the duties of the municipal clerk. Other duties may include writing letters or calling legislators or testifying at public meetings regarding pending legislation.

The legislative committee shall work as part of a network informing other clerks of potential legislation and encouraging assistance. This committee shall formulate all legislative resolutions to be considered by the membership.


MAMC Legislative Committee Chair

The Legislative Committee meets 10:30 am, the third Wednesday of the month, at Delta Township Hall.

Committee Resources

The Council of Election Officials (CEO) and MAMC Legislative Committee maintain a Bill Matrix, listing bills that have been introduced by the House or Senate, but not approved by both at the current time. Most bills are not likely to be signed into law, there are usually several bills introduced with a similar purpose and distinct differences. For those interested in viewing a current Bill Matrix PDF, it gives summary information on each bill with links to more specific details of a bill.

View the 2019-2020 Legislative Priorities list