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As you may have seen, late last week the state Senate passed legislation to eliminate straight-party voting.  The bill, sponsored by Sen. Marty Knollenberg (R-Troy), passed along party-line votes with 23 Republicans voting yes.  All 11 Democrats were joined by two Republicans in voting against the bill. 
The House Elections Committee could take this bill up as soon as the Legislature returns from the Holiday recess on December 1, 2015.  We need ALL clerks to email your state Representative, Speaker Kevin Cotter and ALL members of the House Elections Committee and ask them to oppose SB 13!  Find your State Rep here.
We need you to tell them how elimination of straight-party voting will impact your precincts on a Presidential election date! 

  • SB 13 will cripple your precincts and lead to voter anger directed at your precinct workers. 
  • Elimination of Straight-party voting is not an urban problem.  SB 13 will cause state-wide problems impacting urban, suburban and rural precincts across the state. Tell them how many of your voters, both Republicans and Democrats, avail themselves of the straight-party option.  You can find your data easily in the EMS data.
  • SB 13 will lead to even longer voting lines!  Michigan has the Sixth longest voting lines in the country.  A study published by The Pew Charitable Trust, ranked Michigan sixth in the nation in 2012 for longest wait times to vote—nearly 22 minutes in line just to vote! 
  • Remind them that Michigan has some of the longest ballots in the country!  Very few other states place as much on a ballot as Michigan does.  With Federal, State, Local elections and non-partisan/Judicial and ballot questions, Michigan has one of the longest ballots in the country.  Eliminating the straight-party option will cripple precincts.
  • SB 13 will lead to significant voter drop-off at the bottom of the ticket.  Because Michigan has one of the longest ballots in the country, we see significant drop-off as voters make their way down the ballot.  SB 13 will exacerbate this problem.
To offset the drastic impact of SB 13, Michigan must pass legislation to allow all voters to vote absentee! To combat longer lines and wait times, Michigan must join 32 other states by loosening restriction on absentee voting.  Currently, Michigan requires voters to meet one of 6 reasons to vote absentee. If SB 13 moves forward, voters must have more options to vote how it’s convenient for them! 
Here are the steps you need to take today!
  1. Find your State Rep. by clicking here. (
  2. Copy the following on your message: Governor Rick Snyder ( and the following Representatives in your email:
Speaker of the House Kevin Cotter:
Chairwoman Lisa Lyons:
And the following Republican members of the House Election Committee:
Rep. Eric Leuthheuser:
Rep. Kurt Heise:
Rep. Brad Jacobsen:
Rep. Klint Kesto:
Also include Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof ( and Senate Chairman Dave Robertson (
  1. Ask them to oppose SB 13 unless it passes with no-reason absentee voting.  Tell them in your own words how this will impact your voters. Incorporate the talking points above, but put it in your own words! 
  2. Send the email!  Follow up with a personal call if you know your Representative!

Your action is needed immediately

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