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MAMC Board of Directors

Calling for Nominations!

Looking for a fun and rewarding way to serve the MAMC? This is it!

The MAMC Nominating Committee is taking applications for the following Board of Director positions; these will be on the 2018 Ballot at the Annual Conference:

President – City/Village - 1 Year Term
Dan Kasunic, City of Kentwood, Kent County

1st Vice President – Township - 1 Year Term
Jennifer Venema, Caledonia Charter Township, Kent County

2nd Vice President – City/Village – 1 Year Term
Jeremy Howard, City of Mt. Pleasant, Isabella County

3rd Vice President – Township/County – 1 Year Term

Director – City/Village – 2 Year term (Vote for Two)

Director – City/Village – 1 Year term (Vote for One)

Director – Township – 2 Year Term (Vote for Two)

Applications are due by April 13, 2018. Please see the MAMC website for the Board Application.

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