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Dear Michigan Clerks,

Attached is a link to the Michigan Capitol Confidential web article about our own Chris Thomas, MI Director of Elections.  I am forwarding this to all of you because it is a remarkable tribute to him by both sides of the political world, which is like a miracle in itself.  Although Chris has been a part of all of our lives as Clerks, Deputy Clerks and Election staff,  I know I myself take him for granted on many occasions.  I tend to love him when he agrees with us, and not so much when he doesn’t.  His is a thankless job, as someone is always annoyed with him, regardless of his decisions.

This article was a really nice reminder that Chris is always there for us, listens to our complaints, works to change things for the better when possible, but most of all works tirelessly to make things the best for the voters of Michigan. 

Cheers to you, Chris Thomas.

Terri Kowal, MMC

City Clerk


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