Certified Michigan Municipal Clerk (CMMC)

It is with great excitement that the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks (MAMC) Board of Directors introduces the Certified Michigan Municipal Clerk (CMMC) program. Clerks across the country have a variety of responsibilities. This CMMC program is designed to encourage continued education specifically related to the duties assigned to Michigan Clerks and to provide the ability to fulfill those duties as required by law. MAMC believes it is beneficial for Michigan Clerks to focus on education that will enhance personal and professional development resulting in quality leadership for Michigan communities.

The CMMC program provides expert education affording Clerks the opportunity to maintain relevance, increase efficiency, and effectively change with the needs of local municipalities and ever-changing legislation.  MAMC is providing a cost effective certification program that offers a variety of options to fulfill the requirements of obtaining a CMMC, including a multitude of MAMC programs, online applications provided by related organizations and associations, State initiated trainings, and various college courses.

Through rigorous commitment, obtaining a CMMC demonstrates the civic importance and value of the Michigan Clerk’s profession and ultimately affords recognition that has been earned and deserved.

Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks Board of Directors

Questions: Contact info@michiganclerks.org or call 517.371.2223

CMMC Materials

CMMC Application
CMMC Recertification Application
CMMC Educational Guidelines
CMMC Brochure

*The deadline for applying credits toward CMMC received from graduating the Michigan Municipal Clerk’s Institute prior to the 2015 class is December 31, 2016.

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