Michigan Professional Municipal Clerk (MiPMC)

It is with great excitement that the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks (MAMC) Board of Directors introduces the all new Michigan Professional Municipal Clerk (MiPMC) program. MiPMC replaces the previous certification program and all clerks previously certified by MAMC under the old program are now MiPMCs! The MiPMC certification never expires, but does allow for clerks to advance through levels beyond basic certification, on their timeframe and at their discretion. Not requiring recertification, but still recognizing continued education and achievements throughout a clerk’s career, balances the many different pressures a clerk may have regarding training and education, including budget restraints, work demands, and personal time.

Clerks across the country have a variety of responsibilities. The MiPMC program is designed to encourage continued education specifically related to the duties assigned to Michigan Clerks and to provide clerks with the ability to fulfill those duties as required by law. MAMC believes it is beneficial for Michigan Clerks to focus on education that will enhance personal and professional development resulting in quality leadership for Michigan communities. The MiPMC program provides expert education through MAMC conferences and institutes, affording Clerks the opportunity to maintain relevance and expertise with the policies, practices and laws that govern Michigan clerks and Michigan communities. 

MAMC is providing a cost effective certification program that offers a variety of options to fulfill the requirements to achieve initial MiPMC certification and to advance to Level 2 or 3 and more!  Through rigorous commitment, obtaining a MiPMC demonstrates the civic importance and value of the Michigan Clerk profession and ultimately affords clerks the recognition that has been earned and deserved.

Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks Board of Directors

Questions: Contact info@michiganclerks.org or call 517.371.2223