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Our Mission

The purpose of the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks Board of Directors shall be to promote, enhance, and encourage the professional development and standing of municipal clerks through cooperation, communication, education and training by utilizing seminars, institutes and meetings; to promote and encourage improvement of methods and procedures of duties performed by Clerks; and to address legislative matters relating to the Municipal Clerk’s responsibilities.

What Do Clerks Do?

Ask Municipal Clerks what they do and you will receive a variety of responses. Most Clerks assemble Council agendas, prepare and preserve the corporate records in the form of council minutes, bylaws or ordinances, agreements and other legal documents. Some keep records on births, deaths and marriages. Most witness oaths and affidavits and certify documents. Some have financial responsibilities, and much, much more.

What sets Clerks apart from other officials is that while other players must comply with democratic procedural requirements, the Clerk is accountable for the legislative procedures; maintaining open and fair processes for citizen access to information and the public records.

Supporting Municipal Clerks 
Across Michigan