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2021-2022 Legislative Priority List 

  • At the discretion of the Clerk, allow for early voting so voters may place their ballot through a tabulator
  • Allow early processing of absentee ballots that would include putting ballots through a tabulator by the clerk’s office and adjusting deadlines as needed
  • Establish Election dates in June and November each year only; with the exception of Presidential years when Election dates would be established as March, June and November and adjust deadlines as needed Expand precinct locations
  • Expand precinct size to limit a precinct to 4,000 active registered voters (Action needed before redistricting occurs)
  • Eliminate mandatory requirement to maintain Master Cards.
  • Require disclaimer on 3rd party absentee applications that they are not being sent by the State or local jurisdiction
  • Require all jurisdictions to maintain a Permanent AV list
  • Remove any challenge based on residency when registering in person with appropriate documentation

These items are not listed in any particular order 


  • Allow MOVE ballots to be returned electronically (Bills have been re-introduced)
  • Change the deadline to deliver election materials to the County Clerk from Election Night to the Wednesday after the Election providing that results were submitted electronically for State and Federal elections
  • Eliminate “day of election” filing for Precinct Delegates
  • Remove the ability to challenge a voter that has been issued an Absentee Voter Ballot but chooses to vote in person because they either lost, destroyed, or never received their absentee ballot
  • Allow the use of the new voter registration form for Election Day voter information changes instead of the cancellation form.  Add registration mechanism for new jurisdiction
  • Change election postings requirements to “or” so that newspaper is not the required mechanism, allowing for the use of other mechanisms (website, social media, outside building, etc.)
  • Urge removal of requirement of a signature when requesting a replacement ballot 
  • If State requires ballot tracker – should be consistent state-wide
  • Allow for school closures on Election Day to be forgiven days by the SOM

These items are not listed in any particular order 


Follow-Up items with the Bureau of Elections: 
  • Requiring the State to upload signatures every time there is new transaction with a voter or having the system capture all new signatures – no cost to locals
  • Requiring State remove deceased voters from the voter file – law says county
  • Mandatory purge of QVF system by the state for voters on cancellation countdown and notification to jurisdictions when this occurs. Law needs to change to indicate State requirement not local – laws says local but no way for locals to do.
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